Are You Guilty of Toilet Crimes?

Have you ever committed toilet crimes?


When I say toilet crimes, I don’t mean the type that happens in the movie, Psycho.

Toilet papering the house during Halloween doesn’t count.

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While papering your toilet won’t land you in jail,


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kids clogging up the toilet could land them in the hot seat with their parents.


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Are you guilty of staying in the toilet longer than needed?

As long as it takes until everyone is fed up and leaves the restroom?

But only because you had to wait for the water tank to fill up so you could flush again?

And if the flush still refuses to work…


You can still think of things you can do to  make like a criminal and escape from this toilet dilemma.

Make a dash for it and pretend the toilet bowling is overflowing

Pretend the restroom is haunted and scream your way out, scaring people from using it after you.

Or if all else fails…

You can pretend to be invisible and try to blend in when coming out of the toilet.

What toilet crime have you committed?

Is it worse than the ones mentioned above?



If so, we would love to hear about your experience!

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