Bathroom Cleaning 101: How to Clean Toilets with Household Items You Already Have

Cleaning toilets is probably the least favorite chore in almost everyone’s list. In fact, a lot of young people feel like this is a punishment rather than an assigned household task. Chore or not, it needs to get done.

Although Impact Hygiene is mainly restroom hygiene services provider which cater to businesses, we care about the hygienic state of your toilet at home. We have decided to gather ways on how to keep your toilet sparkling clean and the best part is, these methods make use of materials that are already in your home.


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Isn’t mouthwash only good for oral hygiene? While it does aid in killing cavity causing bacteria, you’ll be surprised to find out that it can also be used as a toilet cleaner. Get your bottle of mouthwash and measure about ¼ cup of the solution before you pour it into the toilet bowl. Let it sit for around 30 minutes before scrubbing with a toilet brush. After you scrub, you can now flush the toilet.


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I’m sure that you’ve all seen videos of how cola can be used to effectively clean your toilet bowl. You don’t need a liter of the carbonated drink to do so. Even a can will do. Just empty the contents into the bowl and leave it for thirty minutes up to an hour. Scrub then flush.

Antacid Tablets

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Antacid Tablets like Alka-Seltzer help in settling an upset stomach, relieving heartburn as well as acid indigestion. Surprisingly, they also make a great alternative toilet cleaner. Just dissolve two of these effervescent tablets into the bowl. Start scrubbing after about 20 minutes and then flush.

Denture Tablet

If you’re short on time or just feeling lazy about cleaning the toilet, just drop a denture tablet (with baking soda) into the bowl. You can flush after 20 minutes and you’re done! You can also a leave a tablet in overnight and let it work wonders while you sleep. In the morning, all it needs is a quick scrub followed by flushing and you’ll have a sparkling clean toilet in a minute.

Lemon Toilet Cleaner

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When life gives you lemons, don’t just make lemonade. You can make lemon toilet cleaner, too! Lemon is a versatile cleaning agent that can clean a lot of things–including the toilet. If you want to remove soap scum–or that thin layer of whitish or grayish film–covering not just your porcelain bowl but also your tiles, just rub these surfaces using a cut lemon.

If you need to get rid of hard-to-remove water level rings on the toilet bowl, you can create a cleaning paste with lemons, too. Just take 2-3 parts borax and combine it with 1 part lemon juice. The trick here is to gradually mix in the juice, stirring in parts until you get just the right consistency. Apply the mixture to the stained bowl, including the rim. Leave it for an hour and a half or up to two hours before scrubbing off the treatment with a toilet brush.

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