Do You Paper, Hover or Squat?: Find Out Which Type of Toilet User You Are!

Just as toilets come in all sizes, shapes and colour, the types of toilet users also vary. Check out the categories below and see which one you belong to.


Toilet Paper Junkie

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This type of toilet user has no problem with sitting on the toilet as long as there is paper towels–lots of it–to cover the surface that their bum has to come in contact with. These people also like to use toilet paper to flush the toilet and open the stall door. Using tissue to do the latter is fine. The former, however, is wastage and bad for the environment.

The Seat Hoverer

No amount of toilet paper or disinfectant is going to convince the seat hoverers that the toilet is safe to sit on. They are content to sit in their air while doing their business, which can be an alternative workout for your thighs. Sitting in the air however, isn’t practical when doing number two. You might find yourself out of balance and accidentally fall in the porcelain bowl, which was what you never wanted to happen in the first place.

The Frog Squat

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“Sit like a queen not like a frog”. You must have run into signs like these inside the restroom. Though etiquette dictates that people sit on the toilet seat like royalty, there are still those who distrust the porcelain throne. They don’t like to hover or use toilet papers. They prefer step on the bowl and squat while doing their business–dirtying or further soiling already dirty seats–leaving an unpleasant experience for the next toilet user. Sometimes though, the customer has no choice but to resort to this sitting position especially when restrooms have run out of paper towels or when it’s clear there is no proper maintenance. One way to avoid squatting is to bring tissue or disinfectant with you everywhere you go so that you’ll be prepared to answer the call of nature no matter what condition the restroom is in.

There is an instance wherein you can squat to your heart’s content. That’s when you encounter toilets like these in the image below.

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You’ll be likely to find squat toilets when you travelling. These are common in Asia and in some out-of-the-way areas in Europe like Turkey.

Did you find out which type of toilet user you are? If there are types which you think should make this list, do share!




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