Female Restroom Checklist: Things that Make Women Happy

The restroom is often a happy place for most women, particularly since they like to go there in groups, to catch up on the latest gossip while retouching their makeup. The moment that they spot a dirty restroom, they’ll either avoid it or do their business as fast as they can as needed to avoid having to linger. The state of your restroom makes a lasting impression on women and they’re likely to remember their happiest experience there along the grossest toilet they have ever been to. Here are some things that help make the restroom a more pleasant experience for them.



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While not all women are vain, a decent mirror still serves as a perk up, especially when they need to freshen up. It also reminds them of things they’re unaware of–like a hair bun that needs to be redone because too many strands are escaping or blush on and lipstick that need to be reapplied.

Toilet Paper

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Women are generally more prolific users of paper towels compared to men. They use it to wipe the toilet, dry their hands after washing, remove their makeup and so on. The lack thereof of sufficient amount of toilet paper is a source of distress for them especially when they need to do their business. Those with extreme restroom paranoia are not comfortable using the porcelain throne unless it is covered with layers of tissue paper.

Sanitary Units

Sanitary bins probably rank high on women’s list of favorite things in the restroom. Female sanitary disposal is something that requires discretion and proper handling, therefore these units are very convenient for women. There are manually operated units that come with a privacy lid. The more popular model though are the automated sanitary bins that come with self-opening lids. Female customers prefer the latter because there would be no need for them to touch any part of the bin. The best part is, they come with germicidal disinfectant, which helps in cutting the risk of cross contamination as well as in mitigating unpleasant odor.

Changing Stations

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Changing nappies is already a challenge especially when your baby likes to fuss when you do it. Imagine changing nappies with no changing station. This would mean changing the nappy while standing in a bathroom stall. Now add a squirming baby and less than pristine conditions to the nappy changing scenario. What if you drop your baby bag on the restroom floor while juggling tasks? Do you know that the floor is one of the dirtiest parts of the restroom–even dirtier than the toilet bowl?

Nappy Bins

Aside from sanitary bins and changing stations, nappy bins are a must in every female restroom. Just like sanitary waste, nappies require discreet disposal and odor containment. These provide convenience for mums and other female customers who want an odor-free restroom experience.

Air Freshener

Aside from being a happy place, the restroom is a relaxing place for women particularly when they need a moment to compose themselves. Nice smelling restrooms contribute to this relaxed ambience, which could also be why they sometimes like to linger even after their business is done. When they finally leave the restroom, they do so feeling refreshed.

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