From Swamp to Sparkle: Why Your Restrooms Could Benefit from a Deep Clean Treatment like Impact Clean

Have you ever come across public restrooms while cleaning services was ongoing? I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but often times the mops being used to clean the floor are already dirty even before the actual cleaning started. Filthy mop plus filthy floor equals more dirt being pushed around the floor, eventually lodging grime into the grout and tiles.

This is why when it comes to restroom maintenance, day-to-day cleaning isn’t enough. Even if your staff cleans your restrooms regularly, it won’t ensure that every piece of dirt or germ will be eradicated. Here are other reasons why your restrooms could benefit from a periodic deep clean.

Minimized Renovation Costs

When grime accumulates and clings to your tiles and grout, the tiled areas not only look dirty, they also look discoloured and old. For some business owners, they would conclude that the floor and tiles need an overhaul and thus implement renovation plans for restrooms. Renovations, however, can be costly and should only be done when drastic repairs are needed to improve a certain facility and to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your patrons. For dirty, discoloured tiles, a deep clean is a less costly way of rejuvenating their appearance and making them look new again. If your tiles look sparkling clean and new, then there would be no more need to spend for renovation or re-tiling.

Clean Hard-to-reach Areas

Conventional cleaning methods like mopping will not be enough to remove deep-seated grime and uric acid buildup. The latter usually occurs around the toilet and urinals when restrooms are serviced incorrectly. A deep clean is  needed to remove this problem, which if unattended usually leaves a terrible odour in your restrooms. Deep clean treatments like Impact Hygiene’sImpact Clean makes use of clean water in order to pressure rinse walls, toilet fixtures like bowls, sinks as well as urinals, and floor, wedging into places that are normally hard to get to and getting rid of the major causes of odour buildup. After a thorough cleaning, all surfaces and areas will be dried completely.

Disinfected Restroom

Deep cleaning your restroom will not be complete with using a germicidal disinfectant that will eradicate practically every potential pathogen that can thrive in your restrooms like Staph and  E-Coli, to name a few. This powerful antibacterial formulation will seal the porcelain and minimize the spread of germs that your staff and customers may encounter in the restroom.

Happier and Healthier Customers

When  your restrooms are restored to a high standard of cleanliness, the health and wellbeing of your customers, staff and visitors will be ensured. Your customers are sure to remember their pleasant restroom experience at your establishment.

Check your present restroom conditions and see if they are long overdue for  a deep clean.

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