Restroom Pet Peeves: Why People Tend to Avoid Public Toilets

Most people dislike having to use public restrooms but sometimes they have no choice but to make a detour to the nearest one when nature demands “right now”. Below is a list of restroom pet peeves that you may be able to relate with.

Unisex Restrooms

Not all establishments have separate restrooms for men and women. Perhaps they’re trying to maximise space for their business and at the same time cut the cost of maintaining two toilets for customers. In general, unisex restrooms are okay, as long as they are functional, well-maintained and if they have a urinal for males and a toilet bowl for females. The odor can be a problem if not well maintained. Worse is if they have toilet bowl sharing, which leads us to the next restroom pet peeve.

Toilet Seat Down and Dirty

When there is only one toilet bowl for both men and women, the issue that comes to light is whether the seat should be kept up or down. Some women believe that men should put the seat back down after using. I think that keeping the seat up is considerate enough. It’s when men use the toilet with the seat down that’s inconvenient and potentially messy. The problem is people don’t always clean up after themselves after using the toilet. It is often left to the next user, which can be nightmare especially when there are no paper towels left.

Out of Stock Supplies

If you’re the type of toilet user who needs to sit properly on the seat before you pee or take a dump, then the lack of toilet paper is sure to rank high on your list of restroom pet peeves. Empty paper towel dispensers pose a problem especially when you need to flush the toilet and there is no lever for you to press with your foot when flushing. The empty soap dispenser is another frustration especially when you want to wash your hands properly after using the toilet.

Overly Curious Kids

Doing your business in the toilet is already embarrassing enough especially when you’re doing number two and you know there are many people waiting in line after you. That embarrassment is compounded when little kids poke their heads under the stalls to see what the person inside is up to. The worst case is when tech savvy kids don’t just try to peek but actually take a picture or video of the person using the stall.

What other restroom peeves do you have that weren’t included in this list? Feel free to share and discuss!

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