What Makes a Restroom Family and Child Friendly?

When you’re traveling with family, child friendly restrooms are a must, especially since little kids are unable to hold their bladder. So what constitutes a child friendly restroom? Below are some items for consideration.

Baby Changing Stations

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Changing tables or fold down changing stations should not be limited to female restrooms. There are a necessity even in male restrooms since single dads are a reality and there are times when it’s baby’s day out with daddy. Where would daddies change their baby’s nappy without a changing table in their restroom? They would probably have no choice but to change wherever they could–including the hood of the car.

Aside from changing stations, there should also be a proper nappy disposal station nearby for diapers and baby wipes. Nappy bins can solve the nappy dilemma for parents and provide a discreet way for them to dispose of smelly nappies.

Private Nursing Rooms

Private rooms allocated for nursing mothers are something that deserves attention. It would be nice if mothers could have a little privacy while nursing their baby. Although this is not a prerequisite for all restrooms, they would be a nice addition to a family-friendly restroom.

Child Protection Seats

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Child protection seats are seats that are mounted on the wall, which allow parents to strap their children in while they use the restroom. This is especially helpful for parents who face certain dilemmas when they need to go the restroom with their infants in tow. If public restrooms had these safety seats, it will ease the plight of parents traveling alone with small children especially when they need to use the restroom facilities effectively.

Play Area

Some places go beyond far and beyond the usual family friendliness of restrooms by offering features that are not in the usual family restroom. Seattle/Tacoma International Airport (SEA) has probably one of the most family friendly restrooms due to the fact that they have rocking chairs for parents and babies. Some restrooms also have waiting areas for parents and children, which is great especially when parents take turns in using the loo.


A well-designed family restroom can be seen as an attractive selling point of commercial establishments especially when these businesses target families with children. An example of this would be the Market Place Mall, which is located in Champaign, Illinois. Their family restrooms are designed in such a way that parents and children can use the toilet simultaneously.

What other features do you think family-friendly restrooms should have?

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