Toilet Etiquette for Women

Women tend to use restrooms more frequently than men do. It’s not only for freshening up, but also to deal with issues like monthly period and baby’s nappy changing needs. Here are some of the common restroom pet peeves that women have which can actually be resolved if they practice a little toilet etiquette. Wet […]

What Makes a Restroom Family and Child Friendly?

When you’re traveling with family, child friendly restrooms are a must, especially since little kids are unable to hold their bladder. So what constitutes a child friendly restroom? Below are some items for consideration. Baby Changing Stations image from Changing tables or fold down changing stations should not be limited to female restrooms. There […]

Office Hygiene 101: Countermeasures for Bacteria Prone Areas

Apart from their homes, people spend majority of their time in the office, where they are often exposed to elements that may make them sick. Workplace hygiene is an important issue that should be addressed especially when employees’ health may be compromised. When one employee after another gets sick, the company stands to lose money […]

Female Restroom Checklist: Things that Make Women Happy

The restroom is often a happy place for most women, particularly since they like to go there in groups, to catch up on the latest gossip while retouching their makeup. The moment that they spot a dirty restroom, they’ll either avoid it or do their business as fast as they can as needed to avoid […]

Improper Sharps Disposal: A Costly Accident Waiting to Happen

Sharps disposal poses a conundrum for business owners. Is it better to have a sharps disposal unit or not? Before you answer this question, imagine what could happen if a customer or a member of your staff become injured because of improper disposal of sharps waste. Your business could be held liable for that injury, […]