Handwashing Techniques 101: A Review on How to Wash Hands Properly

Sometimes, it’s not offices or toilets that are causing people to get sick. Often times, it is the lack of very basic hygiene practices like proper handwashing techniques that can quickly affect a person’s health. It’s so easy to overlook this basic procedure especially after using the toilet. Just running water through your hands is […]

5 Horror Movies with Memorable Toilet Scenes

Have you ever wondered why the toilet is starring in a lot of horror movies? In fact, it’s almost cliché to find a character in the toilet being completely oblivious to the horror that is going to come next. It’s become so predictable, you know that something almost always happens in the bathroom. One theory […]

Occupational Health and Safety in Victoria: An Overview on the Compliance Code for Toilets and Hand Wash Basins under the OHS Act

The Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (OHS Act) is the foundation on which legislative and administrative measures for improving occupational health and safety are created. This Act lays out key principles—this includes duties and rights—relating to workplace health and safety in Victoria. Under this act are eight compliance codes, which help in providing practical […]